New AYGO all knitted out

Keen knitters from The Helensburgh and Lomond Knitting Bee group have been hard at work creating a stunning cover for the new Toyota AYGO. The group was formed by Argyll & Bute Third Sector Interface (TSI) and Alzheimer Scotland and is open to everyone in the community offering informal knitting for beginners and beyond. Helensburgh Toyota set the group a challenge to design a cover for one of its models, the AYGO. After a lot of hard work, members of the group unveiled the new design at a recent event held at Helensburgh Toyota.

Such is the popularity of the AYGO that local performance poet Gracey Flair created her own wee ditty to the tune of ‘Song of the Clyde’ entitled “Aygo’s Here and Aye Goes There”. Helensburgh Toyota donated £100 to the group which will be used for materials, trips and social events planned later on in the year including a trip to a similar knitting group in Campbeltown.

 Speaking about the hard work of the group, Gary Mulvaney, Managing Director of Helensburgh Toyota said: “We are delighted that members of the Knitting Bee took up our challenge to design such a striking cover. The work of Grey Matters and the Knitting Bee group is really invaluable in bringing people together to reduce isolation and create friendships. Supporting local community groups is really important to us as a local run family business. Many thanks to everyone who took part in this project.”

Alison Gildea from Argyll and Bute TSI, 1000 Voices/Grey Matters project said “The group were delighted to take part in this challenge and they have done a wonderful job. The ladies who produced the CAR-digan for the AYGO are amazing knitters but the Knitting Bee is for everyone – whether you are an experienced knitter or whether you need a bit of support to learn the basics. The group will start up again in September and we are looking for new members”

The ladies who worked on the project included Linda O’Connor, Margaret Harper, Maria Conkie and Wilma Gilchrist. Help was also given by others including Rosalind, Jane, Joan, Liz and Isa.

The Knitting Bee group meet every Friday for knitting, natters and coffee at the Dementia Resource Centre in Helensburgh. They are currently taking a summer break but anyone who is interested in coming along can contact Alison Gildea on 01436 671613 or Clare Stockwood on 01436 678050.


‘Aygo’s Here and Aye Goes There’ 

(written and performed by Gracey Flair © 2018) 


The Toyota Aygo’s here, aye goes there.
The Toyota Aygo goes everywhere.
It goes o’er oor hills in Argyll and Bute,
with fun in oor toons as we zip in and oot.

Verse 1:

There was a boy racer called ‘Helensburgh John’.
He took out his gran for a tea and a scone.
He minded sa fondly how she’d seen him right -
encouraged his study with soup every night.
And just like Toyoda she’d planned for the best -
she wanted her wee man to top all his tests.
She knew he was smart, an inquisitive waan,
he worked like a dream like them cars from Japan.


Verse 2:

Her funky wee monkey was aff for the fair.
They travelled the roads seems both without a care.
His fuel was efficient - a top mpg,
a safe roomy cabin to jaunt to the sea.
He picked the car’s colour - the deepest blue buzz,

with X-factor frontage and toys as one does.
The car it would beep if it went aff the track.
In caring for Nana he’d mastered the knack.


Verse 3:

He brought her such joy and he always was fun.
She sometimes forgot though he was her grandson.
Poor gran was confused as her memory was goin’
but with John by her side she won’t be on her own.
See, John and his girlfriend they always take time
to drive out to Nanas to check she’s dain fine.
She wonders when he’s there she feels so alive
but one things she’s sure of is – THIS BOY CAN DRIVE!


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