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There’s no hiding from the hybrid message. Finally, other car manufacturers are catching on to the fact that hybrid really is the here and now. Economical, kinder to the planet and more efficient for customers, when it comes to choosing your next car, it’s a no brainer. This is not news to Toyota who first introduced hybrid vehicles 20 years ago. We are the global leaders when it comes to hybrid technology and have been promoting the benefits since our very first Prius hybrid back in 1995. Where some car manufacturers have just started their hybrid journey, this year saw Toyota launch its 4th generation hybrid range.  

Demand for Toyota hybrids is at an all-time high which is fantastic news as more and more people convert with a 76% increase in hybrid sales in the last two years. Due to unprecedented increased demand, we are seeing longer lead times from customer order to eventual delivery. In some cases, we now have a 6 month waiting list for specific models. We know many of our customers are looking to change their car in early 2020, and to make sure you get your new car when you expect it, you are advised to order now.  To help secure your next car, we are holding a Special Event.


 Order Your 2020 Hybrid Event Saturday 2 November, 10am -5pm Helensburgh Toyota

Join us for a special hybrid event to secure your next car. Our hybrid experts will be on hand to answer any questions you have and take you for a test drive.
To book your appointment call 01436 672779. We look forward to seeing you.


Worried about switching to hybrid? 
There’s no big mystery, it’s not a different style of driving and you definitely don’t need to plug anything in to charge your vehicle. Put simply, switching to hybrid is effortless and what’s more, you’ll enjoy an even better driving experience at a cheaper price! 

Our hybrid models have two power sources, a petrol engine and an electric motor. Our cars are self-charging which means every moment you are driving, your battery is charging even when slowing down, so no need to plug anything in. Whether in the town or on the motorway, hybrids feel no different to drive than a petrol car. 

Hybrid offers a quiet and relaxing ride and still delivers the power you need whatever the situation whether cruising on the motorway or overtaking. 

Speaking about the increase in hybrid orders, Kirsteen McGuire, Sales Manager at Helensburgh Toyota,  said: “The hybrid message across the car industry is finally hitting home. More and more people are making the switch to hybrid and in turn benefitting from lower tax and petrol costs. Where other car manufacturers are playing catch up, Toyota has been a trusted advocate of hybrid technology for many years. The reality is that manufacturers are moving to eventually producing only hybrid vehicles. 

I have worked for Helensburgh Toyota for 20 years and demand for hybrid has never been higher. If you are thinking about a new car, I would urge you to place an early order to avoid disappointment. If you’re new to hybrid, I have a great team who are only too happy to give you more information and take you out on a test drive.”


Still need convincing? 
Watch Paul from our Sales Team in a short film, demonstrating just how easy and enjoyable it is to drive a hybrid. 


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