40 Years Long Service for Peter

Peter Docherty was recently recognised at a staff event for exceptional long service.

Peter who works in the accident repair centre, joined the company in late 1979 and is only second in service to Ernie Cowan.

Managing Director, Gary Mulvaney said: “To serve that long with any one company deserves recognition and Peter has made a great contribution to the company over that time. It is hard to believe that when Peter started, Margaret Thatcher had just become PM, disco was giving way to Punk, petrol cost just £1.40 a gallon and  the TV was likely to be black and white with only three channels. So much has changed but Peter has been constant and we appreciate what he has done”

Peter said “I was surprised on the night and forty years seems to have flown in.”

Helensburgh’s accident repair centre now caters for all makes and models and has a British Standard Institute Kitemark accreditation.

Photograph show left to right, Gary Mulvaney, Peter and Ernie Cowan.


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